You know that feeling you get when you first venture out onto your patio in the spring and you suddenly realize your favorite planter has a large crack running down the side of it? You find yourself turning it so you can't see the crack, but its only a matter of time before it breaks in half. Time to re-purpose!

      Koren pots and planters are engineered to shake off the cold. A proprietary blend of crushed marble, customized blend of resins, leading edge recycled material, and fiberglass make up this innovative material. Our material draws its roots from the structural column industry. Columns must support a tremendous amount of weight in extreme cold and heat to be safe. We have perfected the blend of materials to focus on weather resistance, impact resistance and weight reduction. 

      Koren pots and planters are non-porous and thus do not absorb water; this makes our planters ultra resilient with temperature fluctuation. We provide a drainage hole in each piece which must be unobstructed so that the urn or planter does not begin to fill with water. When setting up a planter always place stones under the soil to ensure that the drain hoIe functions properly. If water starts to collect and a mass of ice forms your planter could sustain damage.

     Rob and Julie are originally from Michigan and Julie's mother has kept several large pots in her garden there for winter testing. Many of the original pots that were made in 1998 have been in continuous use outside, and are still going strong. 

     Due to the unique qualities of this material, you can drill additional holes in the bottom for drip irrigation. If you notice slow drainage your planter it may benefit from drilling additional holes for more drainage. Please contact our customer service for tips on spacing and tools.



   The banded urn pictured on the main page encased in ice is in our garden. It has a heated cable in the bottom of the pond to keep it from freezing solid. We leave the pump running year round but the urn has been in the pond for 10 years which is pretty amazing!  As long as the planter can drain, you will have years of satisfaction.